Thoughts of A Brave Bothan

So – A new chapter, A new hope….. A new hopelessly lost soul venting his unnecessary thoughts to our modern global network of humans.

I remember once telling my younger siblings that the modern internet was finally delivering on the potential it had always promised and that, at long last, the sum total of the knowledge of our race was accessible in almost any format you desired at any time you wished. If you didn’t want to read the classics YouTube was replete with people who would summarize them for you, if you wanted to see Tolkein’s Sillmarillion imagined as interpretative dance Vimeo probably had someone who thought that was an awesome idea if you wanted to get pictorial guides to how to make a patio there was likely a guide to that too.

The blog has long interested me – the modern journal. In hundreds of years a historian using these completely unfiltered words to construct some wildly inaccurate image of what life in ‘our time’ was like. The ability to reach out and touch the lives of countless individuals if they had the time to read or look or care. Over my formative years many many content creators in the online world have helped me learn invaluable lessons about humanity and the nature of life – these creators have imbued me with a deep and abiding respect for what can be accomplished by an individual with passion and a computer. So finally after years of feeding off the excellence of others, and with exactly no qualification in formal writing whatsoever nor the courage to put myself on display with a YouTube channel, I take my first trepidatious¬†step into the world of content creation with this -The Thoughts of a Brave Bothan.

What can you expect from my Blog? Well as the title suggests my thoughts – Or at least the filtered constructed writing I’d have you believe is my thoughts; heavily edited by a spell checker and aided by google to ensure factual correctness where possible….. I suspect I will post regularly, at least initially, on; recent media in cinemas, old media out of cinemas, video games and likely even the gym. Probably links to pieces of content across the internet that I think are worth your time and mine and a summary of the way these pieces have influenced me as human. I will try to keep from crying poor me too often – but as an anxious and fierce young man, I make no promise to keep my hands away from my keyboard when melancholy and alcohol posses me to cry out to all of you about how unfair it is to be a single man or some other similarly banal grievance takes my passions.

In any case welcome to my tiny slice of the internet – my virtual castle. I hope you enjoy your time here – I look forward to sharing this journey with any and all that want to come along for the ride.




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