Media Recommendation: Friendly Jordies

So a lighter piece tonight. I want to share with you one of the largest positive influences on the last few years of my thinking.  Friendly Jordies is an Australian satirical political comedian – but he is so so much more than that. Jordan was the guy responsible for restoring the faith and value I have in my right to vote and through putting himself and his philosophy out into the world he has personally helped me develop myself as a human.

It is quite odd to me that someone who I have only met once, and rather passingly at that, should have had such a large influence on my life. Jordan’s attitude towards creating the world you want to live in piece by piece shines through. Not just through his avid commitment to raising awareness of the political situation and ways we can better it here in Australia but also with more thought provoking pieces about how to achieve a greater degree of happiness and success in your own day to day. The wonderful comedy that he characteristically wraps all these messages up in is simply the hook to get you to listen to the truly important things he has to teach you.

Jordies channel is a large part of why this blog exists. It is the courage I have gained through years of watching his content that finally allowed me to share my thoughts with you here and so it seemed appropriate to me to take a small amount of your time to give him the shout out he deserves.  This is a straight up recommendation – If you allow him to this man will completely change your life. I hope that he helps you as much as he has helped me.



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